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Throw Pillows: A Mixing Guide-Cabrexa

You do not need to replace your sofa or bed pillows on a regular basis; instead,  use Cabrexa throw pillow covers and preserve your pillow covers to save money. Is it not a win-win situation? It is safer for the ecosystem and for your space situation.

Is It Required To Match Between Throw Pillows & Your Furniture?


Throw Pillow Covers-Covers For Throw Pillows


Certainly not! In fact, I would make an argument that they should not match at all. It is the same as purchasing... While it may be convenient to choose a complete perfectly matched set from the store shelf, that does not indicate you has to!

Creating a multilayer, collected look is far more impressive.

The best way to achieve a highly qualified, polished look in your spaces is to experiment with color, texture, and pattern. If you look through designer portfolios, you will notice that they hardly ever (if ever) use all matching pillow covers.

How To Choose The Best Pillow Covers?


Throw Pillow Covers-Covers For Throw Pillow


Would you like your pillows to appear and feel full? Be certain you choose a high-quality pillow insert. Pillow inserts are generally divided into two types: down and polyester. Both performs excellently, but down feels more glamorous and is easier to fluff and manipulate.

It is all about size! Use one size up for slimmer inserts. Make sure the measurements for plump inserts are precise.

How To Set Throw Pillows Up On A Couch?

Larger pillows (typically 22′′ or 24′′ squares for a standard sofa) should be placed in the back. In the front, layer 18′′ or 20′′ squares. In the middle of the sofa or in front of other pillows, mix rectangular pillows. (1620′′, 1221′′).

Why Cabrexa Pillow Covers Are The Best Option for You?

-Materials & Design: The Cabrexa throw pillow case is made of Jacquard Fabric that is 85 percent Polyester and 15 percent Spandex. Smooth, breathable, and moisture absorption.

-Action Plan: There is no need to toss out your pillow anymore. With our throw pillow covers, you can both accessories and preserve your throw pillow. Ideal for adorning your sofa, bed, home, and office.



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