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Since one of your objectives with a chair slipcover  might be to try out new themes for your home, it's important to think about the decorating scheme you want your chair slipcover to go with. Consider this: swapping out various chair slipcovers is pretty easy, making chair slipcovers a low-risk approach for seeing everything you want.

Begin by determining the styling of your home, and then work your way from there. Classical and antique interiors typically call for a basic colour or natural earthy colours, while modern and creative settings are more accommodating of vivid colour combinations.


Printed chair covers-Printed covers for chairs


So what were the key colours and fabrics in your home (or in the place where your slipcovered chair will be placed)? If you write them down, you'll have a set of colours to aim for. Then choose if you would like your chair slipcover to blend in or different from the rest of the room.


Printed chair covers-printed covers for chairs


Choosing a colour that is identical to the other colours in the area will create a glamorous monochromatic style in your home. If you do this, though, take into account using a better texture to add some variety and dimension to your home.

Selecting a colour that is completely contradictory to the colours in your room will make a strong impression! For ideas, look to the colour chart. In an orange or yellow room, red will enhance the green, while blue will stand out beautifully.




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