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Measuring A Wingback Chair-Cabrexa

Changing your furniture every now and then is not that hard anymore, buying a new cover will do the job and finding the right one for your wingback chair could be a bit of a challenge. However we will make it easy for you by giving you a few tips on how to measure your wingback chair before buying our covers.


Measuring wingback chair-cabrexa


Steps To Follow In Order To Measure The Wingback Chair Correctly

  • Step one: measure your chair from bottom to top (please exclude the chair legs).
  • Step two: measure the length of the wing back from right to left (on top of the back rest).
  • Step three: measure the width from the front straight to the chair back.

If you have a separated cushion, please measure its length width and depth.
Compare those measurements to the ones listed on Cabrexa website and choose the right fit for your wing back chair (a difference of 2-5 cm might occur).

Consider These Factors When Measuring

You may need to take an extra measurement or two, based on the type of slipcover you choose. If you want to buy dust ruffle slipcovers, for instance, you'll have to measure your sofa or chair from the top of the legs to the floor.

It's also important to consider the sort of material your new slipcover is made of. Knit fabrics (such as cotton and spandex) stretch to suit your furniture, making small measurement errors is possible. Since woven fabrics don't stretch like knit fabrics, you'll have to take precise measurements if you'd like a fabric like twill.

Are You Ready To Purchase New Slipcovers?

Once you've determined it's time for slipcovers, Cabrexa has a variety of stylish and exclusive slipcovers to provide your furniture the absolute best appearance and coverage for years to come.




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