Longback chair covers-Covers for longback chair

Longback Chair Covers: Printed and Plain colour designs-Cabrexa

If you have an outmoded longback chair or a new one and you want to cover it for the sake of revivement, protection, and long durability, Cabrexa is here to help you finding the suitable slipcover for your longback chair.

Cabrexa longback chair covers give your chairs a classy, soft, and neat look. Moreover, they provide your chairs with a high protection from spills, pet scratches, and any other factors that may contaminate them. Now, with the diversified collections of designs, fabrics, colors, and styles of cabrexa longback chair covers you can easily modernize and rejuvenate your chairs. In addition to renovating your chairs, buying chairs covers do not require wasting a lot of money, just a petty cash can renew your old chair.

In this blog I'm going to talk about the various types of cabrexa longback chair covers designs and fabrics. Let's dive right into the first type.

1. Cabrexa Plain Colour Longback Chair Covers 


Plain colour longback chair covers-Plain colour covers for longback chair


Luckily, cabrexa plain colour longback chair covers are available in assorted fabrics which are characterized with multiple features.

Let's discover the benefits and weaknesses of each type.

- Spandex & Polyester: They are able to be stretched repetitively and still  regain original length. They are soft, smouth, and flexible. Furthermore, they are durable, inexpensive, and resistant to stainses. Like all other fabrics, spandex and polyester have few flaws such as low disinclination to oil and greasy food stans. However, cabrexa high quality polyester and spandex longback chair covers are made to create a soft and tight fit around your chairs.

- Velvet: It is a palatial fabric which has a unique soft and shiny appearance.It is most suitable for winter and cold nights thanks to its snugness. Due to the pile on velvet, it can be difficult to clean. Its creamy texture makes it very confortable.

2. Cabrexa Printed Longback Chair Covers


Printed longback chair covers-Printed covers for longback chair


Cabrexa printed longback chair covers are available in different designs, styles, and colours to impress and satisfy all flairs. Furthermore, they add a wonderful aesthetic luster to chairs. They are made with a high quality polyester and spandex to add a soft feel to your chair.

Covers are a smart solution to preserve the chairs and renew its appearance from time to time without wasting money. If you have to choose between buying a new chair or buying a chair cover, you should choose the second option because even if you buy a new chair you must cover it in order to protect it.



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