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4 Exclusive Ideas to Renew the Look of your Living Room-Cabrexa

The living room is the most important space in the home. It is the common place between all the family members because of the services it provides to them such as watching TV, teaking meals and relaxation. Furthermore, we can receive relatives and friends in our living room. For all that, the living room is considered as the backbone of the home. Interestingly, the decor of your living room must be taken into consideration whether you are preparing your new home or you just want to renew its look. In order to have a completly well designed and decorated home, the living room must be designed in a way that suits the interior styling of the other spaces in your home.

No one can deny that cabrexa slipcovers are the magical way to renew the appearance of the living room. Undoubtedly, slipcovers can change the whole look of your furniture. In fact, sofas without slipcovers are like bodies without souls.

In this blog I'm going to tell you about some tricks and effective ideas that can help you renwing the look of your living room inexpensively.Let's dive right into the first trick.

1. Cover Your Sofas


Printed sofa covers-Printed covers for sofas



A cheap high quality slipcover is able to add a radical change to your sofas.  After covering your sofas they will appear new, classy, and tidy up. Without mentioning its other benefits like protecting couches.

Cabrexa took into consideration the differentiation of tastes and interestings. In cabrexa's shop you can find a large variety of choices. Let's discover cabrexa sofa covers.

-Floral slipcovers: This type of covers makes you and your familly travel to

nature due to the wonderful aesthetic luster that floral slipcovers add to your sofas.

-slipcovers with geometric forms: Some of cabrexa slipcovers designs are decorated with geometric forms to suits tastes of people who like architectual designs. If you are an archetecture admirer, this type of slipcovers is made especially for you.

-Simple slipcovers: They are made for quit people who like calmness, simplicity, and serenity. This does not mean that other people can not buy them, everyone is free in his/her choice.

2. Add Pillows To Your Sofas


Printed pillow covers-Printed covers for pillows


Cushions add an elegant touch to the living room. As well as, its use is not limited on decoration only but it can be used for reclining also. Additionally, pillows accentuate the homeowner's flair.

Approximately, A sofa needs around five or six pillows. The way of distributing pillows on the sofa varies from one person to another. Some like distributing them randomly while others prefer arranging them. In both cases, they look marvelous.

Besides, coordination between sofa and pillows has a huge impact on the appearance of your living room. To have  a well  coordinated look, you have to choose between simple and printed pillow covers or merge between them. Cabrexa is supposed to be your first destination of buying cabrexa pillow covers thanks to the great design of the pillows it sells.

3. Cover The Chairs In Your Living Space


Printed chair covers-Printed covers for chairs


Sometimes, we do not care about how much the pieces of furniture we buy are coordinated as we care about its quality. In this case, the only solution to match between your furniture is covering them with the same slipcovers.

In most of the living room there are chairs and sofas, but not all the living rooms look elegant  due to the random slipcovering of furniture. Cabrexa provides a collection of sofas covers and  chairs covers   to sow life in your furniture.Cabrexa slipcovers are made from high quality materials and characterised with a set of features that enable them to be on the top. If you are thinking to buy from cabrexa be sure that you are buying from someone  with a passion for getting things right for you. All of our customers are satisfied with their purchases from us. 



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